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Crystal Healing Grids

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

I really love creating crystal healing grids to support and nourish my soul. Geometric shapes and symbols of "Sacred Geometry" are used in the creation of most Crystal Grids. Author and Blogger Ethan Lazzerini has written a wonderful book on Crystal Grids, this essential guide to crystal creating crystal grids is a must when starting out. It can be found here:

The crystal grid below, was created intuitively. I am in awe of the power of tuning into one's intuition to create what is needed at the time. I discovered when researching the crystal properties after creating it, that it is a wonderful prosperity, growth, abundance & manifestation grid. I selected Carnelian, Clear Quartz Points and a single Citrine Point in the centre for my crystals. The Geometric shape that I put on the box is a flower Mandala, which I interpreted as meaning growth both personally and spiritually. I have detailed the crystal properties in more detail below.


Carnelian supports the 2nd Chakra in our body which is the Sacral Chakra, which has a Sanskrit name of Svadhisthana. This wonderful crystal is on orange-coloured variety of chalcedony, which is part of the quartz family. It is known to support personal growth and creativity and is associated with female energy. Egyptian master builders wore Carnelian as it was thought to be the stone of form and design. If you want your creative juices to flow, get yourself a piece to help manifest your creative processes. This beautiful crystal comes in anything from pale orange to a deep rusty brown. To invite prosperity and success into your home or workplace, place it near the front door or main entrance.

Key Words: Creativity, Manifestation, Prosperity

Quartz Points

Did you know that in ancient Rome, quartz was believed to be solidified ice, and wealthy women carried crystal balls to cool their hands in the hot weather. Clear Quartz's works on every level of being, restoring balance to the body, and therefore is known as a master healer. Use this crystal to manifest your desires. When placed in a crystal gird it amplifies the other stones. To enhance your self-belief and bring strength you can wear or carry this amplifying stone. The good thing about Clear Quartz it is readily available and reasonably priced. Clear Quartz points as with any point crystals, have the ability to elevate the energy of all its surroundings.

Key Words: Balance, Master Healer, Amplifier, Strength, Manifester.

Citrine Point

Citrine's appearance can range from light yellow to yellowish brown. It is the stone of abundance, and it often referred to as the "Success Stone", promoting good fortune in all that you do. Wearing or carrying this crystal will bring you joy, and positive results. In ancient Greece, this beautiful crystal was often mistaken with topaz. You can arrange a selection of Citrine in a grid to attract abundance into your life. Citrine points as with any point crystals, have the ability to elevate the energy of all its surroundings.

Key Words: Abundance, Success, Self-belief, Joy.

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