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About Marie


Marie McAneney stands out as an extraordinary guide and mentor, uniquely combining her skills as an intuitive channel with her passion for inspiring and empowering women. She specialises in facilitating transformative journeys of self-discovery and personal growth, helping women to uncover their authentic voice and inner strength.

With a diverse and rich background spanning over 30 years as a Registered Nurse, focusing on mental health and holistic wellness, Marie brings a unique perspective to her work. Her approach to empowerment is both comprehensive and deeply nurturing. Her expertise spans Women's Intuition Mentoring, Spiritual Counselling, Body-Mind-Soul Coaching, Emotion Code Healing, Chakra/Crystal Healing, and more. This diverse skill set is instrumental in guiding her clients through their personal growth and healing processes.
Marie's role as a spiritual counsellor and intuitive channel allows her to provide a unique form of guidance. She empowers her clients to connect with their own inner wisdom and intuition, fostering an environment where they can confidently make decisions aligned with their authentic selves.

Her vision of creating a supportive community where women can express themselves freely extends to her carefully crafted mindfulness retreats, cruises, and workshops. These events are not just getaways, but transformative experiences designed to deepen self-awareness, enhance intuition, and foster a sense of empowerment among participants. They provide a perfect blend of relaxation, introspection, and community building, essential elements of Marie's mission.

Beyond these immersive experiences, Marie engages with diverse communities through her "Women's Spiritual Development Sharing Circle" on Facebook, virtual development circles, and her weekly face to face "Women's Mindfulness Meditation Circle." These platforms offer safe spaces for women to share, grow, and explore their spiritual journeys collectively.

Marie's influence also stretches to her podcast, "Flip the Script - Body, Mind, and Soul," and her upcoming book, "Finding My Way Back to Me: The Path to Authenticity." Through these channels, she shares insights and stories to inspire and guide women on their paths to transformation.

Living in Queensland, Australia, with her family and beloved dogs, Marie's personal life reflects her professional values and mission. She is more than a mentor – she is a guiding light for women, leading them towards paths of self-discovery, empowerment, and authenticity, as both a compassionate guide and an insightful intuitive channel.

Purpose | Vision | Mission | Core Values


To empower women by helping them harness their intuition, build their confidence to voice their truths, and pursue their desires.



To create a world where every woman is empowered to confidently speak her truth, trust her intuition, and embrace her unique power, while fostering a supportive community built on understanding and collective empowerment.



To offer transformative experiences through Women's Circles, retreats, workshops, and cruises, empowering women to confidently and authentically express themselves. To provide a nurturing safe and inclusive space where women can connect, grow, and support each other in their personal and collective journeys, aligning with my purpose of helping them harness their intuition, build the confidence to voice their truths, and pursue their desires.





Encouraging women to embrace their power and voice with confidence.


Inspiring honesty and genuineness in self-expression.


Fostering a nurturing community where every woman's journey is respected and supported.


Welcoming women from all walks of life, creating a diverse and accepting. environment.


Committing to continuous personal and communal development.


Valuing and trusting the inner wisdom of each individual.


Cultivating the strength and confidence to speak one's truth and stand firm in one's ideas, boundaries and convictions.


Facilitating profound personal changes through guided insight and experiences.



core values

Get in touch with me to explore how I can help unlock your intuition, gain confidence to voice your truth, and pursue your desires with purpose.

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