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Chakra Essential Oil Blend

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

This beautiful and supportive "Chakra" essential oil blend support each of the 7 Chakra Energy Centres in your body, to bring harmony and balance. Essential oils are widely used for their physical health benefits, but they also have a wonderful scope as powerful emotional healers.

Frankincense invites us to let go of lower vibrations, it connects our soul to its inner light, making it a match made in heaven with our Crown Chakra, supporting our spiritual enlightenment.

Lavender encourages emotional honesty and helps us speak our truth, sharing our true self with others, perfectly aligned with our 3rd Eye Chakra as it support that trust in our higher self.

Spearmint assists us with confident verbal expression, this is a wonderful oil if you struggle communicating and articulating your words. Its supports our Throat Chakra for effective communication beautifully.

Ylang Ylang is a powerful remedy for emotional trauma, it reminds us that joy can be felt and experienced. This why it is a wonderful Heart Chakra oil, which is all about unconditional love.

Lemongrass supports our Solar Plexus by helping with our self-esteem to courageously let go of what no longer serves us. It teaches us to move forward, letting go of limiting self-worth beliefs, toxic energies and negativity, providing clarity and courage.

Patchouli helps with body image, especially the things you don't like about your body. It helps with confidence and calms fear and nervous tension. It aids with honouring and nourishing ones self, which fits in perfectly with our 2nd Chakra, our Sacral Chakra, which is all about honouring our sexuality, sensuality and creative side.

Geranium is a gentle oil which is nurturing, grounding and which supports emotional healing, fitting in with our Root/Base Chakra's need of security, responsibility for self and physical stability. It encourages emotional honesty, love and forgiveness. It is associated with human love and connection.

Chakra Blend - together these oils pack a powerful punch, creating an alternative remedy to support our emotions, directly and profoundly effecting each Chakra collectively.

Aromas have a direct route to the amygdala and limbic brain where emotions and memories are stored, There messages can not be blocked by the subconscious mind. Introduce essential oil aromas as new positive stimulus to:
Interrupt old mental patterns and create new ones.
Stimulate multiple regions of the brain, including those controlling endocrine, immune, and limbic (emotional centre) functions.
Effect, directly and profoundly, the deepest levels of the body, emotions and psyche.
I have created a guide with the emotional benefits of each of the oils in my Chakra Blend. Please feel free to download my Complimentary Essential Oils - Emotional Benefits Guide ( Link Below)

Essential Oils - Emotional Benefits
Download PDF • 1.12MB


Emotions and Essential Oils - A Reference Guide for Emotional Healing, by Enlighten Healing now called Essential Emotions , can be purchased at Essential Emotions

Emotions & Essential Oils Take the Wheel Handout by Enlighten Healing, can be purchased at Aroma Tools


The information in this article is no way intended as a substitute for medical advice. I recommend that you obtain medical advise from a licensed healthcare professional before using essential oils for any reason.

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