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Crystals & Their Healing Properties




Online - Self Paced


About the Course

Learn how crystals can assist you to restore balance to your frantic and stressful lives. Every crystal on earth vibrates with energy. Learn safe and easy techniques to help you feel calm, energised and revitalised and bring about inner harmony.

Your Instructor

Marie McAneney

Marie McAneney

​Marie loves working with Crystals, Essential Oils, Chakras & the Akashic Records, empowering women to heal and awaken their intuitive feminine power, so that they can start living authentically from their heart.

She is an Intuitive Spiritual Coach, Chakra/Crystal Healer, Wellness Advocate and Akashic Records Reader and for the past 30 years has compassionately cared for and supported others, in her previous career as a Registered Nurse.

Marie holds regular workshops, retreats, and hosts an online "Spiritual Development Essentials" tribe in the SacredU.Love community and has a Facebook Group "Cleansed and Energised - Women's Spiritual Development Circle"

Marie is married with 5 adult children and reside in beautiful sunny Queensland, Australia.

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